Fiona Sit speaks up on Jaycee Chan case -- and says she will always love him

1 October 2014 / 2 years 3 weeks ago

Fiona reveals she had just completed her concerts and is currently busy with post-production work for her song, 'Final Final'.

Speaking of her friend Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming), Fiona only said that she was praying for him and did not want to say too much about the rest, reports Hktopten.

She said that having known Cho Ming for 10 years, he has treated her and her friends very well. Thus no matter what, she would care about him and love him.

Would she visit him if she could? Fiona said, "Now the answer to the case remains unknown, when it is known I will worry about that.

(Have you comforted him in any way?) Yes, but I won't say how. I will pay close attention to information about him."

When futher probed if she would take over his jobs just like how Jackie Chan has, she immediately said that as a good friend, she would not reply to any non-constructive comments. 

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