Fiona Sit buys turtles from market to free them -- but netizens are worried

13 April 2015 / 1 year 6 months ago

On the internet, Fiona Sit shared photos of herself and her friends setting some turtles free.

However, netizens were worried that such turtles would not survive in the wild.

As such, she explained by leaving a message:

"Everybody is worried about the turtles in the market and thank you for your concern. They are Tamsui (淡水) and I specially went to Tamsui area to set the turtle free. Initially, it was food but not anymore now."

During a telephone interview with ON.CC (東網), Fiona emphasised she did not set the turtles free in wrong place:

"My friends and I went to the markets to buy turtles and all were Tamsui living creatures. We set it free in Bride's Pool and not beach. Thus, we did not set it free at wrong place and please do not worry."

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