Find out why the new Robocop is no longer painted in its iconic silver

6 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

When news broke that the iconic 80s film Robocop is set to be the next in line of Hollywood classics to get a reboot, it was hard to fault fans of man-turned-machine Alex J Murphy who feared the worst for their beloved franchise.

Those fears were probably brought a closer to reality when photos of Robocop showed the cyborg appearing in a matte-black coat of paint, rather than its memorable chromey-silver color.

However, those fans will be rejoicing at the fact that the 'original' armour does make an appearance in the movie -- according to the first trailer released online on Thursday.

The armour comes up as a concept design which later evolves to be the one showed off in the photos circulating online.

The trailer also showed off a stellar cast alongside Joel Kinneman, who plays Murphy in this reboot -- with Samuel L Jackson, Michael Keaton and Abby Cornish set to play huge parts in the movie.

Keaton, in particular, may hold probably the biggest significance to fans of the franchise for the trailer shows his character to be the one who 'ordered' that Robocop be painted in black instead of silver.

And oh, the trailer seems to indicate a lot of promise for this show so don't count on Robocop heading for the gutter just yet.

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