Find out why HyunA’s outfit in MV made viewers uncomfortable

13 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

While many commented that she looked sexy and was indeed “the mascot of 4minute“, there were others who felt negatively about her outfit.

Some felt HyunA had crossed the line between ‘˜sexy’ and ‘˜trashy’.

In the 'What's Your Name' MV, HyunA starts off by lying on the bed and posing suggestively at the camera.

For most of the MV, she wears incredibly short shorts over fishnets, causing some to feel uncomfortable, reports All Kpop.

Viewers commented that it was not only uncomfortable to watch, but they were worried about what young children would learn from the MV.

One music broadcast representative said,“There is high interest in K-pop, and it’s popular all over the world.

However, we must stop trying to win over fans by just being overtly sexual,‘ pointing out that a high YouTube view count wasn’t everything.

He added, “Yes, it’s important to spread Korean culture, but it’s also important in how Korean culture is spread.

‘What do you think about HyunA’s outfit?
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