Find out why comedian Lee Kyung Kyu deleted Psy’s phone number

7 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

What on Earth could cause comedian Lee Kyung Kyu to delete ‘˜world star’ Psy‘˜s phone number?“Psy promised to make me a song for my movie, but we fell out of contact after “Gangnam Style‘ became a hit,‘ he confessed on his appearance on MBC‘˜s ‘˜Entertainment Relay', reports AllKpop.“I sought out Yoo Gun Hyung, the composer for “Gangnam Style‘, and asked him to make a song for me since Psy ran away,‘ he said. “But Psy said he wanted that song, too.‘“Does that make any sense??‘ he finally exploded, explaining why he, in a fit of rage, deleted Psy’s number from his cell phone.

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