Find out why Chrissie Chau is all bruised

23 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

When Chrissie Chau and 'Tiny' Chen Jiajia attended a slimming event, Tiny saw Chrissie as a goddess and praised her beauty and sexiness. Chrissie was dressed provocatively but had bruises all over her limbs, reports has been busy filming fight scenes and said, "Every scene I had to take a beating, from both men and women. In the film I was quite a fighter, taking on ten people by myself. The location was very dirty. "Would I consider a raise because it was too tough? I would! Next time I will negotiate clearly and charge for fight scenes by the scene." Chrissie said that the slimming product was effective, after her gradual weight loss made people misunderstand that she was getting thin over her breakup. "Recently I had many fight scenes, the action director asked me to get a little fatter. Otherwise I wouldn't have enough energy. So for now I have to stop using the slimming product." 

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