Find out why being 'walking corpse' is Fala Chen's nightmare

10 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

Source: Jaynestars

Although always in the media’s limelight, Fala Chen still commits to a very simple lifestyle off screen.

Fala looks for meaning and purpose behind life. She prefers little surprises and does not want life to be a numbing experience with constant repetition.

Artistes are known for having a busy schedule, so what is Fala’s personal schedule like?

Fala revealed that it is easy to become too hyper due to the fast-paced work environment as an artiste.

“After work, the pace is slower, and I turn into a homebody. Daily schedules shouldn’t be so fast paced; it’s necessary to have time to rest.”

Leading a Meaningful Life

Believing that money should not be a factor in how well one lives, Fala prefers to pay attention to the small details in life.

She enjoys surprises rather than extravagance. Fala loathes strict timelines, preferring to seek out purpose and continuously search for meaningful endeavors.

Don’t just do what others expect of you, but realize the meaning behind your own actions. There should be surprises along the journey. I’m very afraid of living a numbing life like a walking corpse with endless repetition.”

She also enjoys good food and cooking quiet meals at home to relax.

Fala said, “I enjoy cooking because I can select the freshest ingredients. The portions I eat are even larger than a man, but eating a lot does not mean you will get fat. You can eat healthily.”

Although she dresses up and presents her best side at functions, Fala does not enjoy putting too much emphasis on looks.

Fala is clearly aware of her own fashion likes and dislikes, and prefers classic cuts with quality materials that never go out of style.

“I usually shop online, but I’m not a shopaholic. I have self-control and will usually buy many things in one day. There is no set budget, but for a woman, the expenses are not considered too high.”

Will Focus on Filming Movies

For the rest of the year, Fala decided to focus entirely on filming movies. Although they are considerably more difficult to prepare for, filming movies are very rewarding.

Since her schedule is filled with work, Fala only had the chance to visit her parents in the United States once a year.

To better balance her lifestyle, Fala plans to take breaks and spend more time with her parents.

Still Believes in Love Since separating from her long-time boyfriend Daniel Sit last year, Fala has taken a slower pace in her romantic life.

Reflecting on a long-term relationship, Fala said, “You can not use qualities to select your partner, otherwise you will get in trouble. I depend on my feelings and whether we are compatible. Of course, everything will be great in the beginning since love is blind. Over time, feelings will change and learning to adapt is an art. When the fireworks of love have burned out, you will start talking about conditions and it requires mutual tolerance to make a relationship last.”

Although it is hard to find true love, Fala dreams of motherhood and having children since she grew up a happy family and witnessed her parents love for each other.

Sees herself as a highly involved mother, Fala may even put her acting career on hold to take care of her children full-time.

Fala Chen
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