Find out who are Singapore's cutest celebrity babies of 2014

17 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

11 DEC 2014

This trio of adorable baby boys who call local showbiz celebrities daddy and mummy got us cooing in 2014 and look set to steal - and possibly break - many more hearts when they come of age.


It's not an understatement to call Zed the national baby.

After all, the four-month-old offspring of Singapore's most high-profile celebrity couple, Fann Wong and Christopher Lee, was born on Aug 9, Singapore's birthday.

All eyes were on the little one even before he was born, when Wong announced that she was expecting at the age of 43 - after five years of marriage to Lee.

Celeb Friends

He also received countless expensive gifts such as branded baby clothes from his parents' celebrity friends, including hairstylist to the stars David Gan.

Lee, 43, called Zed his "lucky charm" when he bagged the coveted Best Actor award at the prestigious 49th Golden Bell Awards in Taiwan in October.

Wong, who is in the running for Flame Awards 2014's Babe of the Year for looking totally babelicious throughout her pregnancy, thanked The New Paper for Zed's nomination in his own category.

She said: "Competition or not, I'm sure Zed will love these two charming and handsome 'gor gors' (Cantonese for elder brothers) when he gets to meet them!"

She quipped: "Here's a note from the babies: 'Dear TNP, could you let the three of us have the trophies? From A to Z with love'."


He has graced the cover of a local English entertainment magazine and had his very own meet-and-greet party in March with over 100 fans turning up. And he is only 19 months old.

We're talking about cutie pie Dashiel, the son of local celebrity blogger Xiaxue and her American husband Mike Sayre.

After he was born, companies sponsored shower products, diapers and shoes, among other things.

The toddler has already gained a huge following online, with each photo of him on Xiaxue's Instagram account getting over 30,000 likes.

Xiaxue, whose real name is Wendy Cheng, 30, said: "He has five different fan pages online dedicated to him, with the most active one having 30,000 followers."


She added: "I am very honoured that Dashiel is on the list, I feel like we've accomplished something. Hopefully we can win, but there is very tough competition.

"I felt so happy when Zed was born. Everyone was hoping for (Fann Wong and Christopher Lee) to have a baby since a decade ago, and it finally happened.

"Both (Zed and Aden) are very cute and have power genes from their mums and dads."


Last year, Singapore actor Andie Chen and Taiwanese actress Kate Pang were nominated for the Flame Awards' Surprise! of the Year for getting hitched suddenly while she was two months' pregnant with their first child.

Fast forward 12 months and the Chen family is on our list once again. Baby Aden, to be exact.

Aden, who was born in Taipei on June 30, already has an Instagram account with over 9,800 followers.

Cover Boy

The cherubic five-month-old boy recently landed on the cover of a local Chinese entertainment magazine, along with his celebrity parents, and also had a star-studded homecoming party in Singapore that saw 200 guests in attendance.

Chen, 29, laughed when told about the nomination and said candidly: "Maybe we will go for the 'Comedic Baby' award instead. Aden is so big, he is not anywhere near cute. He is only five months old but he looks like he's eight months old."

Chen feels that Aden's advantage is his character, adding proudly: "He is mild-mannered and is such a joy to raise. He eats whatever we feed him and he is always smiling."

Sizing up his baby's competition, Chen said: "(Xiaxue's son) Dashiel is ridiculously cute, and (Christopher Lee and Fann Wong's son) Zed has very sharp features, he is so pretty. Aden is likeable all round so there is a fair chance of us winning too."

Rallying for support, he jokingly said: "All our fans should start voting now! The competition is tough but we will give Zed and Dashiel a run for their money!"

Images 1 to 25 (The New Paper, Instagram, Sina Weibo, Youtube, Internet) show the cutest celebrity babies of 2014 while the rest of the gallery shows images of Fann Wong and Christopher Lee.

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