Find out what made some local celebs 'sweat buckets'

25 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Asia Style Collection fashion show photos from stylxstyle.comThe 7000-strong crowd at the Singapore Expo on Saturday saved their biggest applause for the local actors and actresses who walked down the runway, holding their own against Japanese and Korean models.According to a report in The New Paper, actors Andie Chen, Dai Yang Tian, Tay Ping Hui, Michelle Chong, Jeanette Aw, Yvonne Lim, Zhang Zhen Huan, Ian Fang, Paige Chua, Vivian Lai and Ann Kok proved that modelling could be an alternative career for them after their performance at the first Asia Style Collection fashion show and concert.This came as a pleasant surprise to them, as some of the actors and actresses had never walked down a runway and admitted to being uncomfortable with parading in front of thousands.That, plus the fact that they might be compared to the professional models in the show, made some sweat buckets before the star-studded event started at 7pm.But these fears were unfounded.Queen of Caldecott Hill Zoe Tay, a former model, was a huge hit as everyone cheered and applauded when she appeared in a sexy yet elegant white draped gown by local label Zenchi that showed off her slender figure and toned legs.They strutted down the runway with confidence and poise and local fashion label Depression’s director, Kenny Lim said he was blown away by their performances.Mr Lim, said, “Models are like blank canvases while celebrities are personalities.“Usually a blank canvas would sell the clothing, but in this case, these personalities brought our clothes to life in their own unique way.View more photos of celebs at the Asia Style Collection fashion show, as well as fashion hits and misses at the Star Awards in the gallery below.

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