Find out how Bob Lam filmed intense kissing scene with plus-sized co-star Siu Bow

9 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago
Bob Lam  always puts in the best efforts when it comes to filming, but his skills were put to the test in a kissing scene with plus-sized Siu Bow.

In the series, he acted as a honest man and had kissing scenes with both Joey Meng and Siu Bow, reports Asian E-News Portal.

This was Siu Bow's first kiss scene in her entire career.

When asked about his feelings toward the scene, Bob laughed and said: "We kissed from the bed to the ground, and from one room to another room".

"The kiss scene was long, perhaps even longer than some films", he continued humourously.

"That does not matter to me and Siu Bow just gets into her role once the camera starts rolling".

Bob admitted that he did not start with an acting background and his acting was definitely not as good as Wong Cho Lam and Louis Cheung, but spent time to cultivate his interest in acting.

He added that his appearance looked amusing and he will put in effort to make sure it stands out.  

"I will add a hair wig, change my spectacles and give a different Bob to the audiences", said the actor

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