Find Malaysian Instagram star pretty? Wait till you see her mother and sister

17 February 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

The fame plus attention never stops when you are a young and attractive Internet star with an equally interesting life that everybody wants.

Malaysian beauty Min Chen has been making waves online when photos of her 'holding things' went viral. She caused a further stir upon revealing that she was dateless on Valentine's Day and using dating application Paktor.

Netizens cannot stop swooning over her and went to look up more information about her online, like the natural detectives we all are when it comes to social media.

They discovered that she has an equally stunning sister and youthful-looking mother, whose photos sometimes appear on Min chen's Instagram page.

Her sister also has her own Facebook fanpage with a following of more than 11,000.

Photos 1 to 34 show Min Chen's sister and mother, while the rest show her and other Internet beauties.

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