Finally! Huang Xiaoming declares his upcoming wedding plans with longtime GF Angelababy

1 October 2014 / 2 years 3 weeks ago
After winning the Best Actor Award at this year’s Hundred Flowers Awards ceremony, mainland Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) generously shared about his upcoming wedding plans with longtime girlfriend Angelababy (楊穎).

Xiaoming revealed that he intends to get married before he turns 40 and that he hopes to have a daughter, reports Jayne Stars.

Thanks to his impressive performance as newbie entrepreneur Cheng Dongqing in American Dreams in China <中國合夥人>, Xiaoming netted Best Actor in mainland China’s four biggest acting awards – the Huabiao, the Golden Rooster, the Changchun, and the recent Hundred Flowers.

Many fans and reporters wondered if Xiaoming, who turns 37 this year, would follow up his awards sweep with more happy news, such as a wedding.

“I’m still not sure right now,” Xiaoming said in response, “but [marriage] will probably happen next year or the year after. All in all, it will be before I turn 40.”

In addition, Xiaoming shared that he and Angelababy both hope to have a daughter. In Angelababy’s case, it is because she feels that a daughter can also support the family, since she herself became the sole breadwinner in her family at an early age.

For Xiaoming, the desire to have a daughter grew stronger after he watched director Peter Chan’s (陳可辛) most recent movie, Dearest <親愛的>, which addresses the issue of abducted children. He also revealed that he is the godfather of Vicki Zhao’s (趙薇) daughter, whom he praised as “too adorable.”

“If I had a daughter, I would spoil her a lot,” admitted Xiaoming. “All of my close friends and family think that my daughter would be spoiled rotten because of me.”

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