Female 'TV reporter' accuses state official of rape and blackmail

4 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: ShanghaiistA Weibo user claiming to be Heilongjiang TV news presenter Wang Dechun has accused a local official, Sun Dejiang, of raping her while she was seven months pregnant and also forcing her to divorce her husband.Authorities in the northeastern province have reportedly set up an emergency investigation into the claims, to be overseen by the party's Central Disciplinary Committee.The Weibo posts by 'Wang Wanderer 2012', since deleted, said that Wang met Sun while reporting on a local brewery of which he is a director. Sun helped Wang scam the brewery by falsely registering Wang's grandmother as a retired employee eligible for pension benefits. Sun later used this information to blackmail Wang into having sex with him.Wang claims that in December 2009 Sun went even further, forcing her to have sex with him while she was seven months pregnant and putting pressure on her to divorce her husband.Wang also alleges that Sun frequently used his position to falsify documents and enable others to collect pension payments, illegally resell public property, and engaged in a number of other corrupt dealings for the benefit of family members and associates.While few China watchers would be clutching at their pearls to hear that a local official had acted in such a vile and reprehensible way, doubt has been cast on the veracity of the accusations. Though 'Wang Wanderer 2012' posted several photos of herself and her press accreditation as evidence of her identity, according to state media these did not match information or photos available of Wang through an online database of journalists maintained by the central government. Shanghaiist attempted to confirm this, but we were unable to find any record of Wang Dechun (王德春) in the database.However, Chinese netizens have unearthed footage of a Wang Dechun on television who does bear a likeness to the photos posted on Weibo, suggesting that neither party in this story is telling the whole truth. That 'Wang Wanderer 2012' would implicate herself in a plot to defraud a business of pension payments does seem to lend credence to her other claims however, unless the person behind the account is trying to defame both Wang and Sun at the same time.'Wang Wanderer 2012', in her recent posts, claims to be fearful for her safety. She alleges that she has been under surveillance and her phone tapped since she first posted her accusations. She has also decried the government for censoring the story, saying "my legal rights have been violated [...] the media is the mouthpiece of the country, it speaks for the people and should pay attention to my report. Why was it banned? Which department ordered the ban? Why?"

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