Female football fan becomes internet sensation with her fashion choice at match

1 October 2013 / 3 years 3 weeks ago

When English team Tottenham beat their Norwegian opponents Tromso 3-0 at home in their last meeting in the Europa League, one supporter of the visitors became an online sensation after she pulled off an extraordinary gag.

101goals.com reported that the Tromso fan cheekily put on an Arsenal top at Tottenham's home ground, which is not the smartest thing to do considering how violent some football fans can get.

Arsenal and Tottenham both share a fierce rivalry partly due to the fact that both are based in North London, and want to be crowned the top dog of the area.

After the picture got snapped, it wasn't long before to go viral.

Undoubtedly, the spread of the image was aided by the fact that the Tromso/Arsenal supporter was a blonde female, while Gooners -- the nickname Arsenal fans are known as -- worldwide were quick to label her a legend.

Several days after the match-up, that fan has been tracked down and identified as a Lena Mari Edvardsen, who is not only a Tromso fan but also an Arsenal supporter.

Lena Mari Edvardsen admitted she was wearing her own Ozil shirt at White Hart Lane, whilst also saying she didn’t really want to go to the game because she is such a diehard Gooner.

Check out Lena's interview with news outlet MyFootballViews below:

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