Felicia Chin reveals how she makes her face look slimmer with make-up

4 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Here's a neat makeup trick that Felicia Chin says she uses. The 28-year-old starlet uses mascara as eyeliner.

"Virtually all eyeliner brands smudge on me, probably because I have narrower creases," she explains to Her World Plus. 

"Instead, I use waterproof mascara to line my eyes. Mascara lasts much longer on my lids, and prevents panda eyes."

Caffeine furnishes Felicia with sharper facial contours. Besides keeping her bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, her morning cuppa helps with puffiness:

"I get rid of water retention in the mornings with a nice big serving of kopi, because I find that the caffeine acts as a diuretic and helps me to flush out toxins."

"I do know that for some people drinking coffee gives them dark circles, but it works for me." 

Here's another skincare tip she wishes to share:

"Whenever you spritz on a facial mist, use soft cotton pads to dab off the excess after a few minutes - you want to stop the evaporation process from occurring because it can leach off moisture and dry out your skin."

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