Felicia Chin chops off silky locks for spunky new hairstyle

19 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

By Charlene Chua,
The New Paper,
Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Think Felicia Chin and the sweet girl-next-door with long silky tresses comes to mind.

But turning 30 this year has made her say goodbye to that safe, feminine form.

Say hello to Chin, now a spunky babe with a go-get-them attitude. The local actress, who snipped off her locks and dyed them blonde, is loving her new look.

Chin told The New Paper earlier this week: "I cut it about a month ago. Actually I always wanted to cut my hair but had to keep it a certain length due to my roles.

"I chose this hairstyle as I wanted a change. So I have a new start to my new year by starting with my hair!

"I would like to give audiences a new, fresher look, one that is also more mature, I hope."

She also hopes to take inches off her already slim physique as her next role is that of a sexy model.

In the upcoming Channel 8 drama In The Name Of Love, she stars opposite Pierre Png, whom she has been looking forward to working with again.

Channel 8 viewers will remember their sizzling on-screen chemistry back in 2005 in the blockbuster drama Portrait Of Home.

Said Chin: "This will be my first drama with him since then so I am definitely looking forward to our chemistry this time round!"

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