Fei Yuqing wants to charm the socks off your mum

9 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Evergreen Taiwanese singer Fei Yuqing wants to charm the socks off your mum. He will be in Singapore for a Mother's Day concert on Sunday. While no stranger to performing here, this is his first Mother's Day concert in Singapore although he has held such gigs in Taiwan every year since 2003.Fei, who debuted in the entertainment industry 40 years ago when he was 17, is a well-known singer and host, particularly famed for his pristine, soaring vocals. His long illustrious career and clean-cut looks have garnered him a large female fanbase, many of whom are already mothers with grown children, reports The Straits Times. Speaking of his appeal to mothers and older women, the 57-year-old says in a telephone interview in Mandarin: "I've always had more female fans than male fans. I think my songs appeal to women more because the lyrics tend to be more emotional and sensitive."Perhaps they remind women of their past relationships and they can relate to the songs."These fans, while more restrained than screaming teenage girls, have their own ways of showing their devotion, he tells you. "There aren't many crazy antics, but I would say there are some very touching gestures. The best carrot cake I've ever eaten is one cooked by a Singaporean fan who gave me the dish personally," he, recalls."Some fans would make me pineapple tarts, while some would write new year cards to me which I have kept until now," he reveals.He treasures gifts from fans so much that he keeps them for a long time. "Some fans gave me these sweets and chocolates over 20 years ago which I could not bear to eat, and I have kept them until now because the wrappers are so pretty."But the singer, who endeared himself to younger pop fans with his collaboration with Mandopop king Jay Chou on the hit ballad Faraway (2006), says his upcoming concert will not neglect the younger crowd. He says he makes it a point to keep up with the latest trends in music.He did not reveal his Singapore song list but if his Malaysia concert in March is any indication, audiences can expect pop songs along the lines of You Exist In My Song by Qu Wanting and Eason Chan's Ten Years, alongside old favourites of his own such as Yi Jian Mei (A Branch Of Plum Blossom).Although Fei comes from an era of Mandarin oldies and is a respected veteran, he is still humble when speaking of current pop music. "I think there's something to be learnt. Songs nowadays are much more straightforward and bold with their expression of emotions."As for another possible collaboration with a young musician, he says: "I'm open to anything as, long as I think the song is suitable for me."

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