Faye Wong rumoured to be pregnant with Nicholas Tse's child -- but was seen wearing this

16 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

Source: JayneStars

After more than a decade of separation and failed marriages respectively, 34-year-old Nicholas Tse and 45-year-old Faye Wong reignited their love last September. In the early days of their reunification, Nicholas was often photographed visiting Faye in Mainland China on numerous occasions. However, due to Nicholas’ busy schedule with filming movies, business ventures, and television shows, the couple has spent less time together recently.

Wants to Have Baby with Nicholas

Although reports claimed that Faye is pregnant and hopes to use her pregnancy to force Nicholas into marriage, the rumors turned out to be false. She was recently spotted shopping with her daughter. Wearing a tight-fitting t-shirt, Faye appeared to be very slim.

However, even though Faye has two children from her two previous marriages, she still wishes to have a baby with Nicholas. Currently 45 years old, Faye is considered an older mother with higher pregnancy risks. Due to her biological clock, Faye hopes to marry soon.

However, Nicholas’ recent venture into a cookie store is just the beginning to diversify his person brands. Future product launches include kitchen utensils, skincare, and even a line of restaurants. With his increased workload and upcoming business plans, he has allegedly pushed back his intentions for marriage to three years later. Despite their 11-year age difference, Faye’s maturity allowed her to accommodate Nicholas’ busy schedule and ambitions.

See more images of Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse in the gallery below. 

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