Faye and Nicholas are so mushy that their PDA will give you goosebumps

18 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

Faye Wong (王菲) and Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) were seen sharing a sweet kiss at Hong Kong International Airport’s first class lounge room while waiting for their departure to Beijing on December 8.

According to Jayne Stars, observers said the couple were completely smitten with each other and did not attempt to hide their affection in public.

Faye made a surprise public appearance in Hong Kong on December 7 to attend Carina Lau’s (劉嘉玲) 49th birthday bash. The following morning, Faye arrived at the Hong Kong International Airport to take her morning flight back to Beijing.

While Faye was waiting for her assistant to check in her flight at the airport, Faye sent a short message to Nicholas, warning him that there were many reporters and asked him if there were any cars following him. Faye referred to Nicholas as “nic-king” on her phone.

When a reporter started snapping pictures of Faye’s phone screen, she quickly snatched it back and said, “Aiya! Don’t take pictures of my phone!”

She then quickly left for the terminal. Nicholas and his assistant arrived at the airport ten minutes later, but declined to speak with the press.

In the terminal’s lounge room, Nicholas looked tired and was quiet. Faye tried to cheer him up by joking with him and also kissed him sweetly on the lips, which made Nicholas smile.

Though it was rumored that Faye and Nicholas intended to purchase a $140 million HKD estate in Repulse Bay, Hong Kong as their love nest, new developments say that Faye actually wants to live permanently in Beijing with Nicholas.

An insider revealed, “Faye is currently looking at houses in Beijing. She already has a house in Hong Kong, and her manager helped her with that investment.”

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