Fashion fail or win? Check out BoA's 'cuff' earrings

25 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

No, those aren't bizarre blue growths on BoA's ears -- they are her highly debated ear 'cuffs'.According to an article from, BoA appeared on Feb 24's episode of ‘˜K-Pop Star 2‘˜ wearing the unusual earpiece, which wrapped around her whole outer ear. The ‘˜ear cuffs’ style earrings were all the rage at fashion shows this past season, with many models donning similar pieces for the catwalk. Queries for the search term ‘˜BoA’s earring’ spiked as well on internet search engines, showing many viewers were interested in looking up the jewellery piece themselves.Check out the gallery below for other recent fashion trends, from braided fringes to abs to men looking good in pink.

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