Fans worry Kim Ah Joong might have lost too much weight

19 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: KpopFeverKim Ah Joong‘˜s pencil thin legs are the latest buzz on the web.Several photos of Kim Ah Joong had been posted recently on a popular online community board under the title, ‘˜Kim Ah Joong’s unrealistic looking thin legs’.The photos were taken at the theater greeting event held for Kim Ah Joong and Ji Sung‘˜s movie ‘˜My PS Partner’. Kim Ah Joong is seen wearing a pair of black skinny jeans and her pencil thin legs really stand out in the photo. Some of the fans praised her determination to always stay in shape, but some fans were concerned over her drastic weight loss.Netizens commented on Kim Ah Joong’s photos, “I told myself to stop eating after watching the movie ‘˜My PS Partner’‘, “She makes me want to go on a diet‘, “Wow that’s a little too skinny in my book‘, “Shin So Yool‘˜s skinny too but standing next to Kim Ah Joong she looks normal‘, “She got to eat some more‘, and so on.In related news, Kim Ah Joong’s ‘˜My PS Partner’ is currently the #2 movie at the box office with 66,380 tickets sold.Images 1 to 3 show Kim Ah Joong, while the rest of the gallery shows other thin celebs.

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