Fans wonder about SNSD Tayeon's 'supernatural ability to age backwards'

26 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Girls’ Generation‘˜s Taeyeon has been actively updating fans with gorgeous selcas on Instagram, and netizens couldn’t help but notice her unchanging beauty.A side-by-side comparison of Taeyeon’s recent selca and a selca she took four years ago have been spreading online. The comparison amazed fans with how little she has changed over the years, reports allkpop.Except for her new blonde hairstyle, Taeyeon’s beautiful face looked exactly the same from four years ago and left fans wondering if she has the supernatural ability to age backwards.Netizens commented, “Taeyeon looks exactly like she did four years ago‘, “Taeyeon looks like she’s getting younger‘, and “What is the secret to her unchanging beauty?‘

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