Fans urge Nicholas Tse and Charlene Choi to date after these sweet photos

30 April 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Charlene Choi recently flew to Spain as a special guest to film the mainland TV show <12 Distinct Flavors> hosted by Nicholas Tse.

According to Asian Fanatics, she previously shed tears in public due to the death of her pet dog. On top of that, she was in a heavy mood as a result of being too absorbed into her emotional role while filming for her new movie <雛妓> (Que Sera Sera/Child Prostitution).

Long ago, she had agreed to be a guest on Nicholas Tse's TV program. When Nicholas found out that Charlene was in a poor state of mind, he immediately suggested for her to go film in Spain ahead of schedule to alleviate her worries.

Charlene also felt that doing so would improve her negative state of mind, so she requested 3 days off from her management company and left ahead of schedule.

Because of Nicholas' considerate personality, Charlene uploaded a close photo on her microblog of Nicholas with his arms on her shoulders.

She also praised him, "The past nerd who loved to only stay at home all day is gone! Now he has become more attentive, kinder and more manly! I really like who he is now as someone extremely humane."

Attracting thousands of comments and forwards after being uploaded, many netizens commented that Charlene and Nicholas match, urged them to date, and also indicated that Nicholas can take care of Charlene.

But in reality, Charlene Choi and William Chan have been dating for several years and their relationship is extremely stable.

Faced with this enthusiastic reaction from netizens, Charlene laughed that fans should not carelessly fantasize about it.

She later commented on her microblog, "The two of us have a purely brother and sister relationship! It has been in the past ... and it also will be in the future!" 

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