Fans upset at Lee Min Ho for not turning up at Beijing motor show

22 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

Lee Min Ho fans were disappointed when he did not turn up at the Beijing motor show after it was announced that he would be present.

One booth had reportedly introduced a new car and publicised it with, “Lee Min Ho does advertisement for this model”, but later added, “Unfortunately, Lee Min Ho did not come here.”

Half of his fans left angrily after just seeing his greeting through a video, reports All Kpop.

The misunderstanding had occured due to false reports circulating online that he would be present at the motor show, leading many people to think he had stood up his fans.

His agency Starhaus Entertainment had to explain his non-appearance through his official Weibo account saying, “Lee Min Ho did not receive an invitation to the Beijing motor show this time. Please have no misunderstandings. As you may know, Lee Min Ho is filming for a movie.”

They added that his activities in China will be formally announced on Weibo. 

Lee Min Ho
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