Fans upset at how Tyler hugged SNSD's Tiffany and say it's sexual harassment

13 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Fans are outraged over photos of Tyler, The Creator hugging Girls' Generation Tiffany that have been circulating online, while others say that they are overreacting.

An article on Kpop Insider wrote:

If this guy, Tyler did that to Tiffany without any consent, it looks to be more than just being bad mannered.  It's definitely borderline sexual harassment, almost taking advantage of is status as a celebrity.

It's not like Tiffany and Tyler are friends or knows each other well, and just take a look at his facial expression.  It was supposed to be joke or just having fun, but it's way overdone.

I wonder what would have happened if Tyler tried that move on other female celebrities from the western countries.

On the pictures below, you can clearly see that Tiffany feeling awkward and uncomfortable.  She probably wanted to escape from the guy at the moment.

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