Fans turn nasty after Elva Hsiao rejects their photo requests at hotel

24 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

Elva Hsiao was involved in a scary event when she refused to take photos with an organizer’s staff.

Feeling threatened, she retreated with her manager to her hotel, reports OhayoSeoul

The singer spent the Mid-Autumn Festival in Beijing last week with her boyfriend Kai Ko.

On Saturday, she flew to Hubei to perform a show where she happily posed for photos with staff and VIP guests backstage.

As she wasn’t wearing any makeup the next morning, her manager declined any photo requests.

The request came from the event organizer’s staff member, who had specifically gone to the hotel to get a photo.

Angry that Elva had declined her request, the staff member cancelled her transportation to the airport.

Although the organizer called for another car, it was quickly surrounded by 20 well-built men.

The men proceeded to bang at the windows, shouting at the Taiwanese singer as to why she had refused to take photos.

Because of the chaotic events which caused her to miss her flight back to Taiwan, she denied all requests and returned to her hotel.

Hsiao sought advice from her good friend Jaycee Chan, who suggested asking his dad, Jackie Chan, for help.

The Taiwanese singer stayed in the hotel room for nearly three hours before she made a second attempt to leave.

This time nothing happened and Elva Hsiao was able to find her way back home to Taiwan safely.

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