Fans suspect Angelababy is pregnant after seeing this

25 July 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

Married in May, artists Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming have reportedly been trying hard to become parents.

Today, tabloids suggested that the couple’s wish might have come true, reports Jayne Stars.

Huang Xiaoming was spotted praying at a temple, while Angelababy was photographed at the airport in loose clothing and flat shoes.

A netizen spilled news online, claiming to have seen Huang Xiaoming heading to a temple in Gushanzhen, located in Donggang, Liaoning.

Huang Xiaoming appeared to be praying for a son as he spoke to a fortuneteller. He also left his signature in the temple’s red scrapbook.

Despite appearing low-profile dressed in all black, fans were still quick to recognize him. Huang Xiaoming generously took off his sunglasses and agreed to photo requests.

On the other hand, Angelababy was spotted at the airport preparing for her flight to Shanghai. She appeared in loose attire and flat shoes, with her assistant clutching onto her the entire time.

According to tabloids, Angelababy’s movements were slow and steady. She also constantly covered her abdomen area with her hands, which intensified the pregnancy rumours.

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