Fans stunned by how Korean singer Lee Boram looks like after losing 10kg

13 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

Lee Boram made a drastic transformation after losing 10kg. 

On June 11th, she tweeted, "Kkyaak~ a new song comes out after 1 year! Tonight at 12am, "A Glass of Wine' will be released, please give it lots of love. Everyone how about "a glass of wine" with me today?" 

The photo showed her sitting with a glass of cocktail in front, reports Dkpopnews.

Her slim and sleek figure has surprised many people as she looks totally different compared to her "Super Star K2" days. She also dyed her hair blonde which made her appearance even more eye-catching. 

Don't miss the release of her new song tonight!

Photos 1 to 6 show Lee Boram, while the rest show other amazing weight loss transformations among celebs.

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