Fans in stitches after Sunny's embarrassing instagram blunder

21 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Sunny was recently embarrassed by a mistake she made on Instagram. 

On November 20, she wrote on Instagram, "Did you see the photo shoot? I'm embarrassed. But I think there will soon be one more thing to be embarrassed about," and uploaded a picture. 

However, the picture was not one from Sunny's photo shoot but rather one of a squirrel stuffing its mouth with food, causing its cheeks to bulge outward humorously. 

In relation to this picture, Sunny said, "Why do I not see the picture I uploaded but rather a picture of a squirrel? What is this. This is the picture my second brother-in-law sent me saying we looked alike, but what is this--it's scary," causing laughter. 

Even though she said the picture was ugly, Sunny ultimately decided not to delete it, saying, "As I am indebted to everyone's support, I will not delete the squirrel picture." 

Amused netizens responded, "Sunny's mistake was really a minor error, but it's so funny," "To think she uploaded the picture her brother-in-law sent her by mistake, how cute," and, "I think Sunny looks similar to the squirrel in the picture she uploaded by mistake."

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