Fans slam online reports that mistook Chinese cosplaying beauty for a guy

12 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Love-struck fans across China, Taiwan and Japan have been voicing their disappointment after finding out that about online reports that wrongly stated that the exceptionally cute girl pictured above is a boy.

In their original form, the stories alluded to online rumors and supposed “proof” that the cosplayer who went by the name of AHO is in fact male.

As many readers have pointed out, that information is false, and the cosplayer has been plagued by this rumor for some time.

AHO is indeed every bit as female as she looks, and the news asources have since apologized for unintentionally perpetuating this untruth.  

The beauty above resides in China and keeps up an active Facebook account filled with enough costumed poses to give you inspiration for your own photo shoot.

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