Fans shocked by Sheren Tang's sudden weight gain -- but here's the cause

26 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) has always been a workaholic and placed her work and career as her priority.

Due to her demanding work schedule, Sheren reportedly suffered from immense stress, leading to a string of medical ailments. Previously diagnosed with depression, Sheren also suffered from an autoimmune disorder and lymphatic issues.

The accumulation of illnesses not only took a toll on her mental health, but has also caused Sheren’s body to swell with fluid, reports Jayne Stars.

The 48-year-old actress finally began letting go of work and diverted her focus primarily on maintaining her health. After filming Mainland drama, Cosmetology High <美人製造>, Sheren has been on a six-month vacation to concentrate on her wellness and recovery.

A close friend revealed, “Sheren is not young anymore. Her friends have encouraged her to take a break and not push herself too hard. The doctor also advised that her illnesses are due to stress, so she needs to learn to relax.

"She finally gave in to the doctor’s recommendations. Even if she were to film in the future, she will still find time to go on vacation, do some volunteer work, go to church, and try to reduce her work-related stress.”

Earlier, Sheren was spotted out on a date with a bespectacled, heavy weight man. Although seemingly in a much happier mood eating and shopping on her date, Sheren appeared bloated.

The insider further revealed that due to her lymphatic and autoimmune issues, Sheren is on medication long-term. Although she is currently undergoing continuous treatment, the side effects of medication use caused her to suffer from edema, which is causing the swelling.

The insider further added, “After the treatment and with regular exercise, her swelling will slowly decrease.”

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