Fans shocked after seeing Angelababy kiss on stage -- and were unprepared for what happened next

3 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

Source: ST Communities

Two onstage marriage proposals did not happen on New Year's Eve, alas, for eager fans at countdown shows in China on Wednesday.

But Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming did appear with his Hong Kong girlfriend Angelababy on the stage for Dragon TV's New Year's Eve programme in Shanghai in a romantic performance that surely came as some consolation.

Over at the Hunan TV show in Guangzhou, the months-long wait for rocker Wang Feng to propose on stage to his girlfriend, actress Zhang Ziyi, turned fruitless when the supposed future bride reportedly did not even appear.

The knight-to-the-rescue performance staged by Huang and Angelababy had all that fans could wish for - he rode a wooden horse on stage to lay a crown on her head, kissed her on her forehead and told her he would protect her.

But when he looked like he would utter the magic words, she told him: "Not here.""What I have to say is better said in private," he then said, disappointing fans.

In Shanghai, it was decidedly a letdown when Wang appeared an hour before midnight to sing two songs before making a quick exit. A front-row seat was said to have been left for Zhang to facilitate any wedding proposals, but there was reportedly no sign of her.

Dashing fans' expectations, Wang had also failed to propose to Zhang at a concert last August in Beijing.

This time, hopes had been high after Zhang indicated two months ago that she could marry soon.

Appearing at the Hunan TV show were also Fish Leong, Gary Chaw appearing with his children Joe and Grace, Yang Mi and husband

Hawick Lau, G.E.M., Khalil Fong, Aksa Yang and Korean band Exo.

Korean heart-throb Lee Min Ho appeared in a duet with Taiwan's Amber Kuo for Dragon TV's countdown special.

In front of Macau Tower, Andy Hui and Fiona Sit were among performers ushering in 2015.

Mayday were again rocking in Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan, where electropop diva Jeannie Hsieh, A-Lin, Jolin Tsai and Hebe Tien also performed.

At Civic Square in front of Taipei City Hall, Jam Hsiao and Show Lo performed, along with JJ Lin from Singapore.

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