Fans rant at Gillian Chung for changing name for the fourth time

28 August 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

Believe it or not, Gillian Chung has changed her name once again -- making this the fourth time.

The 32-year-old  singer has certainly made things complicated for her fans. Ah Gil's birth name was "Chung Tik Shan" (鍾狄珊), then her name changed to "Chung Ka Lai" (鍾嘉勵) and when she made her debut in showbiz, she changed to her stage name "Chung Yun Tung" (鍾欣桐).

Yesterday, Ah Gil announced on Weibo that her name has officially changed to "Chung Yun Tung"(鍾欣潼), which is the same pronunciation but different "Tung" character. Ah Gil changed her Weibo account to her new name and wrote a surprising message: "Its not an oversight, I changed my name."

Ah Gil had four different names in her lifetime, Netizens speculated she changed her name so many times because she wanted to change her fortune/fate.

Yesterday her manager Mani Fok, who is currently in Beijing, expressed Ah Gil had planned to change her name several months ago.

She said: "The two 'Tung' characters are pronounced the same way. Because earlier she had just launched her Mandarin album Tung Fa (桐花), her name changed was delayed a little.

Whether if its her career or anything else, it had nothing to do with her fate." Mani disclosed Ah Gil did all the leg work to choose her new name. "She researched in the dictionary herself. Before she thought of using '彤', but ultimately she thought '潼' was more unique, prettier and makes people happy."

Ah Gil's mother didn't oppose to her beloved daughter's new name. As they say, if have the desire then why not take action, Ah Gill will be changing her HK ID card to her new name as well.

Nearly 90% of Ah Gil's fans were against her sudden name change. When this article was written, there were already over 5,000 comments on Ah Gil's Weibo.

Fans all gave their idol a "dislike" on her name change. Some fans even said the Fanclub names will have to be changed as well. Netizens left comments such as, "I cannot accept this, I rather you go back to Chung Ka Lai", "I'm really afraid, I really can't imagine it, suddenly this changed.", "Tung-Chuek Club (Twins Fan Club or T.F.C) will no longer be Tung-Chuek Club".

In regards to fans' dislike, Mani expressed the name change is Ah Gil's decision, EEG will respect her aspiration.

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