Fans not only stunned by Madonna's outrageous outfit, but her 'disgusting' act on the red carpet

10 February 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

Madonna has always been known for her daring sense of style and the pop diva did not disappoint at Sunday's Grammy awards.

The 56-year-old donned a tight corset which exposed her cleavage and paired the outfit with fishnet stockings and thigh high boots.

She also wore a beret and donned some cutout black gloves. However, as outrageous as her outfit was it was her 'disgusting' act on the red carpet that turned heads.

According to the photos compiled by AcidCow, the 56-year-old diva lifted the back of her 'dress' exposing her bottom and unfortunately tons of photographers captured the moment.

It is unclear as to whether Madonna did the act on purpose, but we're sure that it'll keep people talking for days.

Browse through the gallery to view photos of her dress and the 'disgusting' act.   

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