Fans mesmerised by Lin Chi-Ling's beauty -- but shocked by her age

9 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

Taiwan’s top model, Lin Chi-ling, has just turned 40 and yet she doesn't look a day over her twenties.

On November 29, Chi-ling celebrated her 40th birthday, which is pretty unbelievable when you look at her photos.

She’s 40 years old but could easily be mistaken for a woman in her 20s because of her fresh and vibrant beauty.

Chi-ling is often referred to as Taiwan’s number-one model, and also made the move into acting in 2008. Her rise to fame has been meteoric, with her big break coming relatively recently in a 2004 advertising campaign and her now being the highest paid model in the Greater China region.

The multi-talented model seems to have a very healthy and positive view of ageing, reports en.rocketnews24.

On her most recent birthday she wrote the following comment on her Weibo micro-blogging account:

“Today I have the sincerity of my 10-year-old self, the assertive and optimistic heart of my 20-year-old self, the youthful charm of my 30-year-old self, and the wisdom of my 40-year-old self. Life is truly wonderful at every stage!”

Browse through the gallery to view more images of the ageless beauty.  

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