Fans go gaga over 'naked' photo of Rainie Yang -- even after her explanation

21 April 2015 / 1 year 6 months ago

A 'naked' photo of Taiwanese singer, Rainie Yang was said to be circulating on the Internet.

Recently, Rainie fell in love with exercising and would share photos of herself perspiring after a workout, reports Asian A-News Portal.

However, the latest selfie uploaded by Rainie resulted in the imaginations of netizens to run wild, as she wore a skin coloured sleeveless top which made her look 'naked'.

Looking at the reactions from netizens, Rainie explained: "I am not naked! I wore a sleeveless skin coloured top as it was too hot after exercising."

Despite the clarification, many fans continued to be excited and told her to try going in the direction of a sexy image next time.

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