Fans get a huge shock from unglamourous photo of Jolin Tsai

8 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

Taiwanese pop princess Jolin Tsai was holidaying in South Korea when the unglamorous side of her was snapped by netizens.

According to Ettoday via Asian Pop News, Jolin and her sister were discovered to be shopping at the Dongdaemun market in South Korea.

Unlike her usual diva chic image, Jolin was just wearing a light purple shirt, matched with a short skirt and a pair of sports shoes. Her hair also looked messy and unkempt. She was even photographed with her mouth wide open.

Many netizens were shocked at her unpolished look and laughed that she looked exactly like the auntie in the Korean dramas. One netizen said, “Princess will also become a auntie without the help of her stylist.”

However, some netizens also praised Jolin for her slim figure and her flawless complexion.

Besides dressing plainly, Jolin also ditched her usual sophisticated look and did not bother about looking glam. While trying a pair of shoes, she even took off her shoes on the spot and bent down to try the shoes.

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