Fans crack the code behind this bizarre message

25 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

No that isn't a sign that the truth is out there, it's a new teaser by K-pop boy band B.A.P, and with a little help from member Youngjae, fans have figured it out.After much scrutiny, the message was found to read "81718 ㅅ ㅓ ㅇ ㅜ ㅅ ㅣ ㅅ ㅗ ㅇ ㅍ ㅏ ㄱ ㅜ ㅂ ㅏ ㅇ ㅇ ㅣ ㄷ ㅗ ㅇ 882". Put that all together and you get "81718 서울시 송파구 방이동 882", which translates to "81718 Seoul Songpagu Bangeedong 882".It turns out that that is none other than the address to Seoul Olympic Park, while '81718' presumably refers to August 17 and 18, the date of the event. It seems the boys are gearing up for another solo concert in Korea by returning to the same venue they held their last concert back in February.

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