Fans call Kim Hyun Joong a psychopath and told him to cancel his concert

24 September 2014 / 2 years 4 weeks ago

Charlene Chua 
The New Paper 
Monday, Sep 22, 2014

Next year would have marked 10 years of undying devotion to someone she affectionately calls her "second husband".

Ms Anna Lim, 35, claims to be one of Korean singer-actor Kim Hyun Joong's biggest fans, having supported him since he debuted as the leader of K-pop boy band SS501 in 2005.

The housewife and mother of two said she is heartbroken that this love affair with her idol has come to an end.

Last month, Kim and his ex-girlfriend made headlines after she accused him of physically abusing her.

The 28-year-old heart-throb reportedly beat her till he fractured her ribs. Last week, his ex-girlfriend dropped the charges against him after he apologised to her, but this only caused fury among some of his die-hard fans.

Kim, who is wrapping up a concert tour, posted on his official website: "Through this incident, I have caused serious mental and physical injuries to a person whom I have trusted and loved for two years, and I am deeply sorry for that.

"I feel deeply embarrassed for doing things a man should not do. As this whole case is a consequence of my wrongdoing, that person has no reason to be criticised.

"I apologise to her once again, and I want to express my apologies to her family and friends as well. Above all, I hope she will accept my apology and forgive me. I will learn from this incident by doing my best to live a more well-behaved and healthy life."

His ex-girlfriend's lawyer denied that the charges were dropped because she had accepted a financial settlement.

The lawyer said that it was "brave" for Kim, as a celebrity, to apologise publicly for his actions. Netizens in Korea had reacted strongly online to the news of the abuse.

PSYCHOPATH reported that many of them spoke out strongly against Kim, with one netizen calling him a "psychopath".

Another netizen posted: "Just cancel your tour, get investigated, pay the price of your crime, and live your life quietly at the army. That is your solution."

Singaporean fan Ms Lim told The New Paper that the news had changed her impression of Kim for good.

"I used to always associate the name Kim Hyun Joong with kindness and a passion for helping the needy," she said.

"People are often mistaken that we female fans only swoon over handsome singers and actors because of their looks. Being good-looking is what attracts us in the first place, but a good heart is what keeps us hooked."

"Kim is known for his tireless charity work so it really shocked me that he was violent to a loved one. As a woman, I cannot excuse or forgive what he did."

"People online are calling him names like 'psychopath' and saying that he doesn't deserve to escape unpunished, which I agree with. Many of my friends, who are also his fans, have boycotted him. We refuse to spend another cent on him."

Another Korean actor, Ryu Si Won, 41, was found guilty two weeks ago of threatening and assaulting his wife. It was reported that he had attached a global positioning system tracking device to his wife's car three years ago and tracked her whereabouts for eight months.

When his wife found out about it in the same year, she confronted him.

Ryu reportedly responded before slapping her: "Are you kidding me? I'll kill you."

He was fined 7 million KRW (S$8,500) but he has reportedly sought to appeal his case. 

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