Fans ask Huang Xiaoming to 'suck' expired pills out of Angelababy

7 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Angelababy asked fans on Weibo what she could do if she had taken two expired pills for her gastric problems yesterday afternoon.

This led to thousands of netizens leaving messages on her post, some offering advice while others teased her and said, "Ask Huang Xiaoming to suck them out".

According to a report on Lianhe Wanbao, some even suggested that she call her boyfriend and spit the pills into 'Chief' Huang's mouth -- like in an ancient martial arts film.

Her fans also told her to drink more water in order to pass out the pills, while others joked that she should take two more pills that hadn't expired to balance things out.

There were also those who said that expired pills were not a problem if she did not even fear tainted milk and gutter oil.

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