Fann Wong's sister shows off artistic and entrepreneurial talents with nail salon

16 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

Former child star and sister of Fann Wong is exhibiting her skills as a nail art artist through a salon she runs at home.

According to her Instagram account, Fan Wenqing is showing off her artistic and entrepreneurial talent with a business she started in recent years.

Customers can also look through the designs she has done at her blog, Soqnails (

Her Instagram account says that the designs are all hand-painted.

The 29-year-old is running a home-based nail salon in the north of Singapore, said her Instagram introduction, and even listed down her number for customers to contact her.

However, after listing down her number online, she has received harassment and people saying her prices are "ridiculous".

In a Instagram post on Sep 15, Wenqing published a photo showing a conversation she had with an interested client.

Part of the photo showed how the client called the prices she charged "seriously ridiculous".

Wenqing did not let the comment slide and replied to her, saying she was rude and her remarks were uncalled for.

She also said: "I wouldn't want to do business from people like you anyway."

Fann Wong
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