Fann Wong reveals more details about Zed -- like how his butt smells nice

29 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

Jocelyn Lee
The New Paper
26 December 2014

With his jet black hair and photogenic smile, it wasn't difficult for cutie Zed to win the hearts of our readers.

The four-month-old offspring of Singapore's most high-profile celebrity couple, Fann Wong and Christopher Lee, received 2,262 votes (TNP Flame Awards 2014).

He beat fellow babies Aden (son of actors Andie Chen and Kate Pang) and Dashiel (son of celeb blogger Xiaxue and her American husband Mike Sayre) to clinch the title.

Wong, 43, who bagged the Selfie Queen Of The Year award at last year's Flame Awards, said of Zed's win: "All babies are cute! So this Christmas, Zedzed would like to share this precious moment with Aden, Dash and all babies."

"Thank you, The New Paper and everyone for making little Zed's first Christmas so memorable."

Looking back on the year, first-time mum Wong said in an e-mail: "It has been a great year!"

"From the start till now, Zedzed has always been bringing both my hubby and myself a lot of joy and laughter. I never knew my Zedzed's butt would smell so nice. Hahaha."

In the new year, Wong and Lee just want their firstborn to be healthy.

And for our Flame Awards, the new parents gamely dressed Zed up in a plush green "peas in a pod" costume to pose with the medal we presented to him via their Taiwan artist agency Catwalk.

Wong even threw in a funny pun in her Christmas greeting to TNP readers: "Zedzed wishes everyone a warm and happy Christmas, filled with peas (peace), joy and love!"

Take a look at the gallery below for more images of the adorable baby Zed and his celebrity parents.

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