Fanatic ex-BF of Korean singer threatened her after standing outside her home for 5 hours

21 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Korean singer Lady Jane once had an ex-boyfriend who not only freaked her out with his antics, but also threatened her after she ignored him.

Speaking at an appearance on the Jo Jung Chi and Ha Rim's 2 O'Clock variety show last Wednesday (Feb 19), allkpop reported her interview where she recounted: "One time, a person I broke up with waited for me in front of my house.

"If you stand in front of someone's house for five hours, it gets scary," she added.  

"There was even a time the security guard contacted me and said: 'He came here looking for you, so you should try to see him.'

"When I went down to see him, he told me stuff like: 'I'm going to stand here for hours until you'll date me. Watch what I do.'"

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