Fan steals EXO member D.O's briefs -- and sells them online

21 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Obsessive fans of K-pop idols know no bounds, especially this one who claimed she broke into EXO-K’s dormitory and stole one of D.O’s boxer briefs.

The female fan uploaded an image of a red pair of boxer briefs on a the Kakaostory photo-sharing app, and slapped a 100,000 KRW (S$120) price tag on it, reported Omona.

She also bragged about how she snagged the briefs by breaking into the South Korean-Chinese band's dormitory, and how she managed to pull off such a difficult task.

She also challenged detractors to take a strand of hair found in the briefs and send it for DNA testing.

The sasaeng fan also said that she tried to break into EXO-M’s dorm, but the security there was much higher, according to an article on Kpop Rookies.

She says that she’ll try to take another trip to EXO-K’s dorm to steal Sehun’s boxer briefs and that people can reserve them now if they want.

She sold D.O’s boxer briefs for about 100,000 KRW shame on that other fan for even purchasing the item).

She is also currently selling socks, and pieces of the EXO members’ hair apparently.

While she bask in what she feels is the fruits of her bravado, her '"feat" has received lots of negative feedback from EXO’s sane fans as well as Korean netizens.

The EXO members must be feeling very vulnerable and uneasy about this huge invasion of privacy.

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