Fan calls Stefanie Sun 'Hot Mama' at Taipei Concert

17 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Source: ST Communities

Five years, one marriage and one childbirth later, Singaporean songbird Stefanie Sun returned to Taipei with her new concert, Kepler, on Friday and Saturday.

And it was a triumphant comeback as she held court for three hours at Taipei Arena and basked in the adulation of her fans.

She appeared with a head of bright orange hair atop a raised platform and sang her breakthrough hit, Cloudy Sky. The tempo was slowed down a little, all the better to showcase her powerful and distinctive vocals.

She was in the middle of a massive eye-shaped frame and it seemed as though the cosmos was shimmering on the screen behind her. It was a dramatic start to an entertaining show.

This led to a high octane segment with fast-paced numbers such as Green Light. She seemed relaxed and happy on stage and she might well have her 15-month-old son to thank for that.

The reason for doing the concert was because she wanted him to think: "Mum, you're great." And added: "He's taught me to listen to the sounds around me and I've heard your voices of care and concern." She certainly need not worry that fans might not accept her new identities as wife and mother.

One even held up a sign that said "Hot mama". Sun lived up to that accolade with some slinky moves to Magic and a fiery performance. She was moving and singing with the confidence and swagger of a pop queen.

And when she sang the wrong lyrics at one point, she simply announced it, to indulgent laughter from her fans. The concert was titled Kepler after the lead single from her forthcoming album, which will be released on Feb 27.

She also sang new tracks Boundlessly Large and the ballad Angel's Fingerprints.

While fans applauded the new works, it was also clear that they wanted the familiar hits. The final stretch of the concert was a giant karaoke session as hit followed hit. Sun quipped: "My concert ends now. This is now your concert and I want to hear you sing." My Love, Love Certificate, Start To Understand and I'm Not Sad were turned into duets as Sun and her fans sang to each other. The singer also had a surprise guest on the second of her two shows on Saturday night.

She sang the first stanza of Moonlight In The City and then in walked her compatriot Mavis Hee, the ballad's original singer. The crowd roared with approval as Hee had not performed in Taipei in more than a decade. In addition to dueting with Sun, she also performed Regret and her mellifluous voice was as soothing as ever.

What a night to have two of Singapore's singers enthralling Taipei Arena. Showing up to support Sun were her family and friends, including pop star Jolin Tsai - who caused a stir when she was spotted in the stands before the show started.

And the camera kept zooming in on Sun's beaming husband during her encore of Cloudy Sky.

Of course, there were her loyal fans as well. Their fervor moved Sun to say: "l've been a singer for so long, I never imagined I would be so lucky."

Her fans would say that they are the lucky ones.

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