Fan Bingbing & woman create a stir -- no thanks to this weird-angled photo

25 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing has cameras following her around and not all photos taken of her are always flattering. 

For some photos taken at a weird angle, it can even cause a stir, reported Entertainment News QQ. 

Recently, when Bingbing was at a luxury event, she was seen chatting with an unidentified woman.  They seem to know each other quite well from their body language. 

The pair was seen holding on to each other's hands and at an angle, it almost looked like there was an accidental lip smack between the two. 

The embarrassing photo apparently showing their lips touching has got netizens wondering if there was anything more. 

The confusion was cleared when it was realised the photo was taken at a weird angle, thus creating the illussion of their lips touching. 

Bingbing and the woman was said to be talking to each other, at a very close proximity.

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