Fan Bingbing requests for 1 million yuan insurance -- for her face

23 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago
According to Chinese news outlets Tencent and Sina Entertainment,  top actress Fan Bingbing requested hefty insurance coverage ahead of her appearance on “Hurry Up, Brother,” the Chinese version of hit SBS variety show “Running Man.”

Soompi reported that Fan Bingbing requested a steep 1 million yuan (approximately S$215,814)  in the case of injury to her face while filming “Hurry Up, Brother.”

“Hurry Up, Brother” responded to these reports by saying that for each episode, all guests receive insurance coverage, usually ranging from 3 million yuan (approximately S$647,422) to 40 million yuan (approximately S$8,632,564).

The program said that coverage for Fan Bingbing was not as high as reported but acknowledged that it was still pretty up there.

Moreover, the show emphasized that safety is a high priority, revealing that for every episode, special police are employed for the safety of the cast.

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