Fan Bingbing poses for Malaysian magazine

23 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

Plastered with heavier than usual makeup, actress Fan Bingbing barely looked herself in her latest spread for Malaysian fashion magazine Citta Bella.

The fashion icon was clad in a conservative bronze outfit, that is no-doubt fashion forward, but a clear departure from her usual sexier style.

Fan shows off her versatility in this spread with her many poses that exude elegance and poise.

Ranked first on the "50 Most Beautiful People in China" list in 2010 by the newspaper Beijing News, Fan proves that it's not the outfit that makes the woman -- but how you carry it off.

Photos 1 to 8 of the gallery shows Fan Bingbing's fashion spread in the magazine, while the rest of the gallery shows other photos of the star.

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