Fan Bing Bing's boastful claim about the X-men movie might surprise you

16 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Fan Bing Bing's less-than-humble comment about her involvement in the most recent X-Men installment raised eyebrows at the film's Beijing premiere. 

Asked to discuss the film’s Chinese aspects at its Beijing premiere on May 13, Bingbing was quick to reply, “I am the best Chinese element in this film.”

While some netizens felt that she had probably misunderstood the question, others were less forgiving of her attitude towards her role in the film.

The character she plays, Blink, had been re-written as an Asian character in an attempt to make the film more international.

In order to achieve Blink's mutant look, Bing Bing goes through marathon four-hour makeup sessions, as well as several hours of exercise daily to allow her to put on her tight-fitting costume.

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