Fan Bing Bing accused of 'bullying' her way to the top

17 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Fan Bingbing was accused of climbing her way to the top of the entertainment industry at the expense of her fellow female artistes.According to an article in Asian Fanatics, a reputable senior reporter recently wrote an article on his microblog that revealed insider information about stories of artistes being 'bullied' by Bingbing and her studio Fan Bingbing Workshop, claiming that she defamed fellow artistes to gain popularity.It was said that Bingbing sees Chinese actress Li Bingbing as an 'imaginary enemy', and whenever the latter endorses international or well-known brands, she would follow suit as well.The Chinese actress also acted in Iron Man 3 after Li Bingbing successfully ventured into Hollywood.The article also claimed that Bingbing would even lower her remuneration to land the female lead role in movies. She reportedly secured the female lead role in director Feng Xiaogang's new film Private Custom with that method, but was eventually replaced by Chinese actress Li Xiaolu.In response to the claims, Bingbing said, 'There are many people in the world who are troubled by negative reports or rumours. Sometimes people just want to find something to talk about or pick on someone, and it just happens that I am the one who is targeted.' She added that she will not take, the article too seriously.The deputy general manager of Fan Bingbing Workshop also dismissed the claims and said, 'Some people think life is like the palace dramas.'

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